Gardening With My Mother-In-Law

My mother-in-law is sixty-three and very attractive. She was divorced about a year after my marriage and her boyfriend passed about two years ago. We have always had good natured flirting between us, but as of late it has become more interesting. I was helping her redo the landscaping on her new house when I noticed every time she bent forward, her breasts were very exposed through the collar opening of her polo shirt. I just quietly enjoyed the view. When my wife and her grandmother came out, my mother-in-law made a comment about her breasts falling out everywhere and pulled the opening closed. Later in the week, I went with her to fill up her car and when we got home, I gave her my lotto money plus an extra two dollars. She asked if I wanted an extra ticket. I told her no, that it was a tip for the show a few nights earlier. She said I must really be hard up if I enjoyed looking at her saggy breasts. I replied I thought she had quite a nice rack and really enjoyed the view. She told me not to let my wife hear me say that and get out of the car (smiling all the time). As I left the car, I told her she should wear a low cut top every time we work together. She called a few days later to get me to help her plant some more flowers, and sure enough she had on a low cut tank top, and has every time since. She makes an effort to keep her breasts in plain view for me and at times seems to glance down to make sure they are visible. One time at the gas station, I tossed her credit card back to her making a special effort to drop it on her cleavage, but lost the nerve to ask if she wanted me to get it. Still, after a long day getting more supplies, I jokingly asked for a good night hug and she obliged. I kissed her on the back of the neck and there was no resistance. Just last night, I was helping her clean out her car when she backed into my hand and I swear she was letting me get a good feel. Got to go because we have some more work to do on her flower bed tonight. Well, all I got this time was just a few more extended peeks, but later in the week all our supplies came in. It was early on Saturday morning and we got together to cut down a tree and spread mulch. All day long, I had those beautiful breasts in my face. We took a break for sodas and I really wanted to grab a handful, but didn't. We quit at lunch and started back about seven o'clock. She had lost the tank top and had a button up shirt on. The more she worked, the sweatier she got and the more she unbuttoned her blouse. Finally, there was only one button holding it on. We started moving mulch and as a joke I popped her on the butt and told her to get to work. Got a handful of cheek and my fingers slipped over into her crack. When she didn't seem to mind, I did it again and told her I wasn't kidding. To make a long story short, I gave her a five dollar tip for the views and this time she seemed offended, but I did get a nice sweaty hug before I left.

— Don, 41

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