Strip Poker

My wife is a beautiful and very curvy woman and I used to be jealous of men staring at her large breasts. We were playing a drinking game with another couple at their house. After, we were all pretty buzzed when the other husband suggested we play strip poker. We had all been flirting and the wives quickly agreed; I was surprised but agreed also. We were all down to our underwear in a short time. My wife was the first to lose her bra. I found myself very aroused at them looking at my wife's breasts and she was definitely not trying to cover them. We quit playing after his wife had to remove her top and the girls put on their blouses and panties only. My wife needed some fresh air as she was spinning a little, so she went out on their patio. It is protected by a privacy fence, so she went out in her blouse and panties. In a minute, the husband excused himself to the rest room. His wife and I sat at the table laughing and flirting. After a couple of minutes, I told her I was going to go check on my wife. As I walked into the den to the sliding doors, I could see my wife standing with her hands over her head and the husband standing very close behind her massaging her breasts under her blouse. Instead of jealousy, I felt extreme arousal. I watched for a few more moments and went back to the table with his wife. It was another ten minutes or so before they both came back in. My wife never mentioned anything happening that night. I have fantasized about watching her with another man ever since.

— Marcus, 41

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