Sister-In-Law Loves Oral

My nineteen-year-old sister-in-law is a real hottie. Coming from a conservative Indian family, she's never had a boyfriend or any sexual experiences, for that matter. I started talking about sex with her and I could see she was glad to have someone to talk about such stuff. She told me she had never given any guy oral, but would love to try it because it's not really like having sex. I jumped at the opportunity and offered myself. She was a bit hesitant, but I convinced her that it would be better to do it to me than some stranger, so she agreed. She was a natural at it. Ever since, we've been sneaking off for a quick sessions whenever we get a chance. I pick her up at least twice a week. All the way home she's at it and she's become really good. I just hope she doesn't find a boyfriend soon.

— Raul, 25

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