Caught By Co-Worker

A new female coworker and I were working by ourselves. We were working and playing around at the same time. She is a tomboy girl and likes to wrestle around with us guys. I was between two counters and she just finished mopping the floor, so I wasn't going to step on it. I had my legs spread apart resting on each side of the counters while I was grabbing stuff from one counter to put on the other. While I was bent over, she decided to grab me by my shirt. She said she would hate to see me fall in a teasing way. She pulled my shirt up in the process and got a glimpse of my pink panties I had on. She asked, "Is that pink panties you have on?" Well, I knew I was busted there and then, and there was no way I could say no. So I said, "Yes," and she said, "That's so cute!" I was very shocked and my face was very red. She saw how totally embarrassed I was, and she responded by saying, "Hey, don't worry, I'll keep it a secret!" But, each time we work together, she is always grabbing me by the waist area. I know she can feel the outline of the panties. She keeps winking at me afterwards.

— Doug, 35

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