Unexpected Encounter

When home alone, I like wearing my wife's pantyhose under my clothes. One day, my older neighbor knocked on my door and, forgetting that I was not wearing shoes, I opened the door. He looked down at my feet and smiled. Realizing my error, I just nervously stood there. He looked at me and said not to worry; he used to wear his wife's clothes often when younger and still enjoys putting on her panties once in a while. I invited him in for a drink and he kept looking at my feet. I could see him getting excited. He asked if he could rub my feet and I let him. It felt good as I felt my body respond. He reached up, unbuckled my pants, and pulled them down. He continued until I had finished. He told me to return the favor like the good girl I was. I was happy to comply. After we cleaned up, he told me that he would be back tomorrow and to make sure I was wearing my wife's sexiest panties because he had bigger plans for me. I can't wait!

— Albert, 48

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