Sexy Red Heels

My wife had been invited to a formal supper and dance for her work. This was a rather exclusive invite as all the top executives and spouses would be there. She decided to wear a borrowed dress from her best friend. It was a very sexy dress, but she needed to buy a pair of heels that matched. She came home with a rather provocative pair of five inch red strappy heels and showed them to me. I instantly got aroused as they turned me on. Together with the dress and stockings, she was a knock out. The next day, she went with her friend shopping to finish off the outfit and I could not stop thinking of the heels. I went to the bedroom, slid on a pair of her stockings, and strapped on the heels. They were a little small, but the overwhelming sexual feeling was great. I decided to try to fit into the dress, but it was several sizes too small. The heels where enough to push me into completion, though. In fact, I kept the stockings and heels on for the rest on the afternoon and repeatedly pleasured myself while wearing them. I returned them to the box before my wife returned home. I am sure that this will be a regular occurrence.

— Gage, 36

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