Mother/Daughter Competition

My dad owned an auto repair business in a very well-to-do suburban area. From the time I was about ten years old, I would fuel up customers' cars. There was no self-serve at that time. One of our customers was an executive at a firm in the city who spent most of his time on business trips. From the time I was old enough to notice girls, I thought his daughter, Jennifer, was very attractive. She was a year older than me. She had great breasts and a nice round bum. When Jennifer was in the car, she would flirt with me while I washed the car windows. It got to the point where she would get out of the car while I checked the oil and other fluids under the hood. She would ask me to explain what I was doing, and all the while she made sure her body was rubbing against mine. When Jennifer got her driver's license, she would come over around lunch time during the summers, and we started going out for lunch dates. We would go to a nearby beach and make out for half an hour or so, and then she'd bring me back. One day was really hot, so we went to her house since they had air conditioning, which was a big luxury back then. Her mom was out for the day. We immediately started a heavy session on the sofa, and I finally got my hands and mouth on those beautiful breasts. I knew she wanted sex as badly as I did, but she was a virgin and was afraid. I was a virgin at the time, too. So, instead, I got her off with my fingers and mouth, and she went down on me. For the rest of the summer, we satisfied each other as often as possible, but we never had sex. I lost my virginity to a girl that lived next door. When I was finally able to drive, I would pick up customers' cars for service and leave one of our vehicles for when we returned the car. One day when I dropped off a car, her mother, Elsa, told me to bring the bill in rather than dropping it in the mail slot. She came up very close to me and started questioning me about Jennifer while she read the bill. It was then that I noticed her top was unbuttoned part way, and I could tell where Jennifer got her great breasts. I realized there was competition between the mother and daughter, and I figured, "Why not?" So, I moved over and acted like I was reading over her shoulder so our hips touched. With the contact, Elsa turned her face towards me and I gently kissed her on the lips. That's all it took. She held my kiss and her knees went weak. I had sex with her right there on the kitchen floor. She was hot as hell. She told me she was on "the pill" so we didn't have to worry about birth control. Since it was the end of the work day, we spent the next two hours having sex with each other. I did Elsa whenever Jennifer was not home. After about a month, Jennifer found out about us just before a date. She was mad that I was having sex with her mom and not her (enter in the competition). So, we took her family station wagon on the date, and I finally got to have sex with Jennifer. We were afraid of getting pregnant, so we used condoms. For the next year and a half until they moved to another city, I had my fill of both Jennifer and her mom almost every week. It was the best of two worlds. Doing Elsa was the best since we could have sex many times without worrying about running out of condoms.

— Peter, 57

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