Is This Really Happening?

When I first started to work at my company, I met a woman who had started a year earlier in a different department. Rose was sweet, shy, and quiet; but extremely attractive. Because of her shyness, it was difficult to get to know her. She would flirt a little and so would I, but I was married at the time and didn't want her to get the wrong idea. We eventually ended up in the same department, where we got to know each other better and became very good friends. Truth be known, she had a beautiful face and a great body and I wanted her really bad, but kept it hidden. Fast forward thirty years. I am now a widower and two years ago, Rose's husband up and left her without giving a reason. I did not know this until last year when I asked her why she was feeling low. By that time, she had filed for divorce, but her almost-ex was making it difficult. Seems he wanted to have someplace to go if he changed his mind. One day, we were alone outside having a smoke when we started to reminisce about the old days, and how we both got to where we are. I finally got up the nerve to tell her that it was a good thing I was married when we met, or I would have been chasing her butt. She said she did not know I was married back then and had a huge crush on me. Surprises on both sides! We concluded that things turn out the way they are supposed to. After all, had we gotten together, her son and my two kids would not exist, at least in their present form. The conversation ended with a brief, but exciting, touch of hands and we agreed that we could only talk about such things when no one was around. A few weeks later, I saw Rose, hands on hips, standing near her car. She looked upset, so I went to see if I could help. She had locked her keys in her car and because of all the issues of the divorce proceedings; she could not afford to hire a locksmith to come out. Since it was just before lunch, I told her I would take her home at lunch to get a spare key as long as she did not mind riding on my motorcycle. Her place was only five or six miles away and I took it easy as not to frighten her. Rose invited me in to wait while she looked for her extra door lock remote. When ready, she came back to the living room where I waited. Since we were alone and I might not get another chance, I asked her not to be angry with me and very gently kissed her lips briefly. She did not pull away and looked a little stunned. I expected to get a little scolding, but instead she asked, "Do you know how long I've wanted that?" So, I held her waist and kissed her again, but longer this time. She dropped what she was holding and we had the most gentle, sensuous kiss I've ever experienced. In moments, we were on the carpet making slow, sweet love. I had never been with a woman who was so responsive. She completed almost immediately and I quickly followed. After we got back to work, Rose called me and asked if I could stop by after work. She did not have to ask twice. We spent the evening making love, and the rest of the week making up for the years we missed. We found we fit together perfectly both mentally and physically, and the sex is unbelievable. Neither of us wants it to ever stop.

— Larry, 60

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