Wined, Dined, And Then, You Know

I have been trying to get a very sexy waitress that I have become friendly with to go out with me for about six weeks. I knew that she was pretty flirty with all her customers, but it seemed that we had a connection. I always gave her sexual comments and she received them well. We finally went out and I pulled out all the stops. I picked her up at five, and then we went to a fancy restaurant where we had an incredible meal with lots of wine. Music serenaded us as we talked. We eventually danced when the orchestra started to play. Every advance I made, weather it was verbally or physically, was accepted. I had a good feeling that sparks would fly. I left it up to her as to where we would go and she said to my place. We barely got in the door and we started to strip. By this time, I was so excited that I was like putty in her hands. It was like she was a goddess and I pulled her down on top of me, where we gave each other oral at the same time. It wasn't long before we finished and, after a few minutes of reenergizing, we started again. This went on for about four hours, and then we fell asleep in each others arms. What a night!

— Carlos, 36

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