Wife Exposed To Friends

My wife and I recently were asked to go away for a night with another couple to celebrate a birthday. It was a last minute get-together, but we opted to get a hotel room with them to save money and not have to drive. We had to pack an overnight bag and my wife asked me to grab her some pajamas to sleep in. She is an attractive forty year old with what I think is a nice body and good size breasts. I get turned on when I think about other men admiring my wife. I went into her drawer and found a pair of pajamas. I felt like a pervert, but I picked out something that would show off her curves and then some. It was a very thin, tight top with a very short pair of shorty bottoms. She is unaware that others look at her in a sexual way. When it was time to crash, she went in and changed into the pajamas. When she came out, I couldn't believe how turned on I was. Her breasts were almost ripping through her shirt and you could see a lot. Her shorts barely covered her butt. My friend kept getting into a position to get a better view of this. His wife seemed a little bothered by this, but never said anything. My friend would not stop staring at her chest. I was totally turned on. I made sure that my wife slept on the side of the bed so my friend could get an eyeful all night. I even pulled her shirt down in the middle of the night, in hopes he would get a good view. I felt like a pervert, but it was a total turn on. My friend has never mentioned that night, but has said we need to do it again soon!

— Travis, 40

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