Business Trip Coming Out

When I traveled a lot on business, I always took women's lingerie with me to dress up in the privacy of my room and sleep at night in. Finally one night, I got up the courage to put on some lace panties, a leisure bra, and a camisole to wear under my slacks and pullover shirt. I went to the lounge and sat at the bar on one end and had a few drinks, watching the people in the lounge and feeling quite adventurous with my secret. A guy came over, asked me how things were going, and sat down to pass the time and shoot the breeze. After a while, he asked if I had noticed there were very few women in the lounge. As I looked around, I realized he was right and he explained that on Tuesday nights, it was a gay crowd that came in. He then asked me if I was looking for some company. I was panic stricken and did not know what to do. I stammered that I was in town on business with no idea what the situation was. He said, "Look, I know you are wearing lingerie because I can see the bra strap lines through your shirt, so you must be, at least, very curious." I confessed what my secret was and was mortified to be found out. He said I should really take the opportunity to go beyond just the dress up stage and offered to have me come to his room and see what developed. I agreed and went to his room, which turned out to be one floor above my room. I undressed to the lingerie I was wearing and went to bed with him. I let him lead me into a night of pleasure, submitting to his wishes and giving oral for the first time. I spent several days in town and was committed to bisexual activities after my multiple experiences with him and his patient guidance.

— Stu, 60

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