I Love Them

For a few years now, I have loved women's underwear, especially thongs. Every night, I go out for a walk up to my ex-girlfriend's house when they are all asleep and go into the garden. My ex-girlfriend is amazingly beautiful and, luckily for me, so are her mum and sister. I always find myself taking their underwear, putting them on, and pleasuring myself until I can't take anymore. I'm not your average nineteen year old. While with my ex, I confessed to her that I wanted to see her have sex with another guy. After a few months of persuasion, she did and filmed it for me. It was incredible watching her with another guy. I just want to know, is there anyone else out there like me? When I used to stay at her place, I would go through the dirty washing and pull out all the thongs I could find. Is this sick?

— Simon, 19

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