Bringing The Price Down

I love for my wife to expose herself to other men. The other day we had a friend of ours, a contractor, come out and redo out bathroom. We said we would negotiate the price and he agreed. We invited him to come over for lunch to discuss. My wife and I were out by the pool the day he was coming over. We heard the door bell ring and my wife was wet and in her bikini. She took off her top and put on a dry white tank top (no bra) and a jean skirt (no bikini bottom). She went to answer the door and let the contractor in. We all sat poolside and had at least two bottles of wine. Then we started to talk about the price of the project. All this time, he could not keep his eyes off my wife. She sat in front of him and slowly crossed her legs, exposing just enough. I could tell she was getting exited. My wife asked what she could do for him in order to bring the price down. Before I knew it, she was giving him oral in our back yard. I watched in amazement as my wife satisfied him. I can't wait until our next project.

— Dave, 32

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