Happy Birthday, Baby

My girlfriend, Georgetta, and I have been dating for about nine months. We have had one threesome with one of her friends. It was great. So great, in fact, that I decided to return the favor. On her twenty-second birthday, I invited Georgetta out for an evening of a nice dinner, drinks and dancing. She looked beautiful. There we met two of my friends, Tim and Hank. We all took turns dancing with Georgetta. It was a fun night. When the bar closed, the three of us took a cab to our house for more drinks and celebrating. When we got to the apartment, my girlfriend started opening her gifts. I had picked out several new items of lingerie. With some coaxing, she went in the bedroom and came out with each new item on. The men judged each and, needless to say, we all chose the skimpiest camisole and thong set. My friends insisted that she not change as she looked so hot. By then we were all very horny, and soon we were on the floor stripping her naked. The next five hours were amazing. There was no stopping her. Georgetta was really into it. After a while, Georgetta left the room and said she needed a rest. She came back ten minutes later with two disposable cameras. We took forty-eight pictures. We were so loud that the people downstairs kept beating on the ceiling. As the sun came up, we decided that we would go to breakfast. My friends bought us breakfast, and we couldn't help talking about our night, comparing notes and our favorite activities. After breakfast, we took the cameras to be developed at a small one-hour photo place. There were two young girls working there. It was so funny to see their eyes bulge out at those nasty pictures. Georgetta was so embarrassed that she walked out. At one point, as my buddy spread the pictures out on the counter and started comparing them, we ordered two additional sets to be made and picked out some particularly good ones to be made into 8X10's. By then we were very tired and went home to take a nap, but when we got to the apartment, we started getting horny again. My girlfriend started stripping for us when the door bell rang. It was the landlord. He had heard the complaints from downstairs. I invited him in, and he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Georgetta naked with three fully dressed guys. After a minute, she walked to the door, stood right in front of him naked, and apologized. She told him, "I'm sorry, Sir. Sometimes I get a little loud." It was so funny. As he left he said, "Okay, just try and keep it down."

— Thaddeus, 22

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