Only A Week Left

I am from England, but I am part Bahamian and have family over in the Bahamas. During my holiday over in the Bahamas this Christmas, some of my family and I went camping on this remote beach. My older cousin brought his friend Leland along, who is nineteen. On the trip, I started to realize Leland might be gay (no one knows I am gay). On the first night, he slept under my cover in the tent and I started touching our legs together, but I made it seem like an accident and he didn't seem bothered about it. The next morning, he didn't say anything about it, but we kept making eye contact and it was pretty intense. After the trip, we were back at our house and he was there with my cousin. He saw me after I had a shower and had no top on; again, it was so intense. I only have a week left in the Bahamas now, so I need to find out if he is gay, and then, hopefully go from there.

— Blake, 19

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