Yelling Neighbors

I was out on my deck having a beer when the next door neighbor's were yelling at each other. I heard Wendy say to Earl, "I'm tired of giving you oral all the time," and Earl came back at her with, "it's not all the time." I think they were drunk and didn't realize their voices carried so far. Wendy came out into the yard and asked if I heard it all and I said, "Yes, and I don't blame him for wanting oral." Wendy called to Earl and said if he ever wanted to get oral again, he would have to do it to me. I said to Wendy that I was not gay and never had a man give me oral. She replied, "There is always a first time. Earl's going to find out what it's like." So I did and he did. I liked it and said maybe it was better than a woman doing it.

— Marc, 35

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