Nasty Night; Sexy Lingerie

It's a nasty weather night here; rain, wind, thunderstorms, etc. So, I turned up the whole house heat, took off my male things, and put on some of my sexy female things. A sexy white and blue push up demi bra, pads to fill out the 38-C cups, a matching thong panty, black thigh high sheer nylons, and a white see-through really sexy babydoll. I call it my "Wedding Night" babydoll. I think I look so sexy in it! I love being dressed up and do often. It started many years ago, when I was young. My mom's bra and panties were my first, and I was hooked. I have been cross-dressing ever since. I used to put on my ex-Asian wife's undies, but I had a small bra and panty collection of my own. She caught me one day with a bra and panties on and it was over. But, living alone now, I can buy really sexy things on the internet and dress up as often as I want to. I love dressing up in my sexy female undies!

— Henry, 67

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