My Birthday Present

I just had the most amazing sexual experience of my fifty year old life. I just watched Frances, my wife of twenty-six years, have the hottest sex I could ever imagine. I am looking at her and her lover Tom as they are lying together on my bed recuperating from the past two hours. It all started a few weeks ago when Frances asked me about my upcoming fiftieth birthday. I told her that the only thing I wanted was to fulfill my twenty year fantasy of seeing her with another man. She just laughed and said, "Who are you going to find that wants to sleep with a fat, boring, forty-eight year old married lady?" Now, to be honest, Frances is forty-eight and our love life has grown boring. She is probably fifty pounds heavier than when we got married, but she is very attractive and the weight she has gained has pretty much settled in her massive chest and enormous behind. Tom, a younger co-worker of mine, had met Frances a few times and more than once had mentioned how lucky I was to have such a desirable wife. I told Frances if she would agree to consider fulfilling my fantasy, I would find her someone to fulfill it with. The next day, Frances said she absolutely didn't want to have sex with another man, but if it would make me happy and if it was only this one time and everything was done safely, she would at least give it a try. I asked her if she wanted to know who it was, and she said she would rather not know. So I made the arrangements. This morning, I told her that her date would be coming by this evening at six and was she still game? She said she had second thoughts, but wouldn't back out now. I got home from work around five thirty. Frances looked amazing. She had her hair done, her make up was perfect, and the outfit she had on was downright sexy. She definitely was emphasizing her cleavage and big bottom. I could tell she had spent all day getting ready and I told her how beautiful and desirable she looked. She said she was really nervous, and was it too late to back out? The doorbell rang and I said, "Too late," and went to let Tom in. I couldn't tell who was more surprised, Frances in that it was my co-worker Tom, or Tom at how amazing Frances looked. Tom walked over to Frances, took her by the hands, told her how beautiful she looked, and leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. It was a little uncomfortable, so I jumped in and said, "There is a bottle of wine in the living room for you two; I'll be around, but I'll try to stay out of sight, have fun!" I had a spot where I could see them and not be seen. They sat on the sofa, drinking wine, and talking. I could tell that Frances was really uncomfortable and she wasn't making it easy for Tom. Tom put his hand on her leg and at the same time he leaned in and kissed her. She was a little hesitant, but I could tell she was starting to respond to his kisses. They broke for a second and I could see Tom whispering something to Frances, and then they began kissing even more passionately. I could hear my wife moaning softly as I noticed Tom's hands beginning to explore Frances's generous body. I heard Tom tell her that he loved her sexy big body, and I heard Frances asked Tom if he liked her body better than his skinny wife's. That set Tom off and they began to really go at it. At one point, Frances begged Tom to take her in our bed and that is where they lay now, exhausted.

— Ron, 50

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