Taking Care Of My Wife

First off, let me tell you about my beautiful white wife. She is 5'3'', about 120 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, and is very pretty. We had been married about four years and very happily, I thought. But, one night out of the blue, she told me that my package just wasn't big enough any more; at least, not all the time. Well, I was crushed for a few days, and then the idea came to me after meeting one of my black friends. This friend was one of the managers of an all black club that I knew of. I told my friend about the problem I was having with my wife and he said to bring her over and they would take care of her. I asked him if he meant it and he said of course he did. He had met her in the past and knew what she looked like. That night, I told her we were going on a ride and she didn't have a clue what was coming. I pulled up in front of the club and there were a bunch of cars already there. She started getting nervous; but I opened her door, took her hand, and walked her inside. My friend was there and came right over. All the guys, about twenty-five of them, were looking at her and licking their lips. My friend had tipped them off. My friend walked us over to his office, which happened to have a bed. I looked at her and told her she was going to get some bigger packages that night. I looked at my friend, gave him a wink, and told him the only thing was they had to bring her home when everyone was done. About four thirty in the morning, I ended up helping get her in the house and into bed. She stayed in bed for two days, but said she wanted to do it again soon. I can't wait.

— James, 30

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