The Hairdresser

My step-niece was a hair dresser and came from a wealthy family. She was a petite version of Ashley Simpson. I rang her for a haircut and she said she could squeeze me in before lunch. I went to her shop and sat in the waiting room whilst she finished her client. "Come into the kitchen, otherwise people will see me and think I'm open," she told me. As she said this, she walked past me and she smelled like heaven. I sat on a stool and she began. She leaned herself against my arm in a sexual way. She stood in front of me and looked directly into my eyes. I asked if I could touch her. She smiled. As I put my hands on her, she reached over and touched me as well. I saw her shudder slightly. I slid of the stool and carried her to the lean back hair washing chair where we had hot sex. I love what she said to me and how she made me feel. I spoke to her as she helped me dress. We've done it so many times since then.

— Victor, 42

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