Love The Feeling

I love wearing women's clothes and have been doing it for years. I kept it secret until my wife found out. She was at work one day and so I put her bra, panties, and a dress on and did not know she had come home. She caught me and ever since, we have talked about it. She now wants to know when I dress or put anything on, and I am not supposed to take it off till she has seen me. She is ok with it as long as I am safe; she tries to understand and is really ok with it as long as I don't keep secrets from her. I tell her everything now from when I dress to all my fantasies. This is the greatest thing that could have happened; she has even helped me dress, put makeup on, and showed me how to walk like a lady. She buys me all kinds of girl's clothes, but now says I have to buy my own. I can now dress anytime I feel like it, even if she is there watching. I love the feeling of being a girl and our sex life is really a lot better.

— Chris, 42

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