An Old Dog Like Me

I am a fifty-year-old happily married man. I sometimes browse the on-line personal ads but almost never answer them. I was browsing a few weeks ago when my interest was piqued by an intriguing ad. A much younger girl was searching for an older man for a "friends with benefits" type of relationship. Thinking that a girl less than half my age would have no interest in me, I answered the ad. To my surprise, we struck up a conversation by email that lasted for several weeks. Finally, we agreed to meet at a local coffee shop. She was so hot that I would have normally considered her out of my league. The attraction was apparently mutual, so we have continued meeting every few weeks at a local motel. She isn't looking for a life mate, and I am not looking for a marital status change, but the no-strings-attached sex is fantastic. Maybe an old dog like me still has something to teach a much younger woman.

— Clarence, 50

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