Since I was young, I've been cross dressing. A neighborhood came over one day and we played hide and go seek. I hid behind big chair and she found me. She sat down beside me and the next thing I knew, she said we should swap our undies. Being young, I didn't think anything weird about it, so I slipped my white jockey underwear off and she slipped her white cotton w/cherries panties off. She handed them to me and I put them on, as she did mine. She then got up and left right away. I loved the feel of this soft cotton panty with no hole in the front. They were much more comfortable than my own and I quickly ran upstairs and hid them from my mother. Ever since that time, I have never forgotten the feeling of how nice her panties felt. I proceeded to check out my mother's things when got older, and then I checked out my friends who had sisters. Now I'm fifty-eight writing this wearing a pink full double skirted slip. I've never told anyone this in my life. Whoever reads this, you are the first to know.

— Ari, 58

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