First Time Cross Dressing

Last year, I went from my home to my uncle's home. His daughter traveled with me. Late night at an interchange railway station, I lost my bag and missed the train. We decided to stay at a hotel until the next train in the morning. After taking a bath, we had a nice sex. Later, I was unable to sleep because I was naked and that was the first time I had ever been naked sleeping. My uncle's daughter gave me something to wear; her babydoll nightie. I felt very comfortable, especially when I added her panties and bras. That was the first time I ever cross dressed. The next morning, I started to play around and dressed all in her clothes. She was also enjoying it and helped me to pick out what I would wear. Now, I sleep and dress in panties, bras, pantyhose, babydoll nighties, and gowns every day. She is helping me to buy all feminine clothes and she enjoys seeing me in them. I love it. And, I love babydolls too.

— Barry, 28

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