Older Woman

I have been dating Paula for the past six months. She is a married fifty-six year old mother and grandmother that I met at work. The thing that initially attracted me to her was that she was very outgoing and fun. It also didn't hurt that she is blessed with a massive chest and a humongous behind. We flirted and played around a little at work, but it wasn't until she invited me over for a family BBQ that things really heated up. I met her husband of thirty-four years, Doug, her three children and their children. The thing that stood out though was how hot Paula looked when she wasn't wearing her work clothes. I found myself staring at her well displayed cleavage and giant rear end. The next day at work, I mentioned what a nice family she had and how amazing she looked. That night after work, we went out for a drink and she told me that she had never cheated on Doug in her thirty-four year marriage, but I was tempting her with my attention. We made out in her front seat that night before she drove home and that was the beginning of our affair. I know she is thirty-two years my senior, but I can't get enough of her generous body. She has so much passion that I just love being with her. I feel bad for Doug because he is such a nice guy and has no idea that his wife and I are together at least two or three times a week. He has invited me over a couple times since we first met. The crazy thing is that it has become more than sex. Paula and I seem to have really made a connection. Time will tell.

— Kyle, 24

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