Look For The Signs

I love dating married women! When you know what to look for, they are the easiest women to read. I am about 80% successful with the women I introduce myself to. I look for older women, between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-five, that are showing off their cleavage (the more cleavage, the more they are interested), wearing tight pants, boots or high heels and, of course, sporting a wedding ring. I've met them at the grocery store, malls, coffee shops, etc., but the best place to meet married women is at church or church functions. I simply walk up to a lady fitting my criteria, introduce myself, and tell them how amazing they look. If they smile and give me a lingering look, I'm in. After a couple minutes of small talk, I ask them if they would like to get together sometime they will always tell me they are married and I will always tell them that's why I am interested. It's exciting, easy, and the opportunity anywhere is limitless.

— Chris, 25

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