Who's The Boss?

At work, I might be in charge of my crew of thirty, but when I get home; my wife turns me into her secretary. She puts me in stockings, panties, skirt, and bra. I get her a beer and service her strap-on. When she is done with her beer, I can stop giving oral to the toy (sometimes it takes her a half an hour to drink a beer). Next, we go out to dinner. It's panties and women's jeans for me. No one knows they're women jeans, but I do. A relaxed fit name brand. I can feel them all night; they are much softer and snug in certain areas. When we get home, I get spanked with a long paddle that is very loud and stings. Then, I am put to bed in a nightie. In the morning, she has me pleasure myself in front of her. Then, it's a shower and fresh pair of panties and off to work I go to boss my crew around all day. I love my wife and she sure knows how to keep me in line.

— Doug, 32

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