A Nice Summer Show

One spring day while I was attending college, I had gone home to the duplex I was renting. Because it was a warm day, I opened a couple of windows. When I had gotten out of the shower, I went to the bedroom to get dressed. As I was getting underwear out of my dresser, I caught sight of the neighbor lady in the mirror. She was looking right at me. She was hanging up clothes on the line we shared. I got excited knowing she was looking at me. I turned toward the window so she could see all of me, pretending I didn't know she was looking. As I walked around the room, she would move so she could keep me in sight. I got so excited, I touched myself and almost climaxed right there. As days passed, I noticed that she would be outside doing something every day when I came home. I gave her a nice show all summer long. After the summer term ended, she moved away. She was the only one that I ever let look at me like that. I still miss her.

— Eric, 60

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