Divorce Dilemmas

Well, it started back in 1985 when my wife started to not have sex with me. She just wanted to be mean to me. In 1995, my wife and I started our divorce. Her brother, who got caught running on his wife, was getting divorced as well. Just days before both divorces were final, I got a phone call. It was the other ex-wife, Joan. She wanted to know how I was making it through. I told her it felt great not having to fuss with my ex all the time. Joan said, "I know the feeling." Joan is not a fat woman, just a big-boned woman who is very nice just to be around. We made a dinner date for that same afternoon at her house. After dinner, we had drinks that put us in a relaxed mood. We were sitting close to each other. I said, "After what you and I have been through, I wonder what you and I would be like together?" She looked at me and a big smile came on her face. She bit her upper lip and said, "It would do us very good." Now that was sex to remember. I don't know what happened to her. I'll have to find Joan again. I hope all of you have a good relationship like that with someone you do care about.

— Hank, 62

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