My Punishment

First off, I am a twenty-five year old boy and I live with my girlfriend of one year and six months. She is twenty-five and our sex life has always been great. She's is gorgeous, kind, smart, and caring. She can also be a little jealous, or so I thought. Lately, I've been thinking about girls in tight panties and short skirts. I have never cheated on my woman, but had been using the internet. At first, it was just here and there, but this past week it's been two to three times a day. Of course, she knew something was going on and decided to catch me in the act. It didn't take long. She burst into the bedroom to find me pleasuring myself to a picture of a girl in pink undies! She was furious! She also said she loved me very much, but was jealous and noticed every time I looked at other women. An ultimatum was issued; since little boys played with their thingies over silly pictures of panty girls, I would be spanked like one as well. I stripped and followed her to the couch. She had a big smirk as she turned me up across her lap. To make things worse, she jiggled her leg to get me excited. She said to be still and began. "Please stop, it hurts! Oh, please!" I cried out. She laughed out loud and told me I wasn't going anywhere soon. When I was well past tears, she led me back to the computer which was still on the same site. My punishment is denial for a month and since I like panties so much, I'm to give service her through her undies. She says she loves me more than ever and I feel the same. She's not mean though; today, I came home to her wearing pink satin undies and bent over the couch.

— Parker, 25

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