How It All Started

I wear silky nylon panties 24/7. It all started with a live-in girlfriend who was a terrible housekeeper. I was doing all the housework, including all the laundry. As I would prepare to load the laundry into the washing machine, I would remove her panties and rub them against myself; the silky nylon felt so good. We ended up getting married and on our honeymoon night, I knew I had to let her know so nylon panties could be a regular part of our sex life. When she came to bed wearing her nylon panties, I said to her, "Your nylon panties touching me, it really turns me on." She immediately responded, saying, "Would you like to wear them?" and took them off, holding them out beside the bed for me to step into. When I did, she pulled them all the way up. Although I had never even thought of actually wearing her panties, I loved it so much that I knew from then on I would always wear them. We have since divorced, but it would have been nice to see where that would have taken us. To this day, I still find myself in my panties and fantasizing about doing another man. I'm still hoping to find a guy that would enjoy dressing me in lingerie and letting me give him oral. I think that experience would turn me into his full time woman and I can't wait to try it.

— Darien, 58

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