How I Met My Wife

I was a football player in college, but not first string. I was kind of mean back then and pushed people around. I was at a party at a friend's house when I met this woman that was a jock. She told me to get out of her way as she was going toward the door to leave. I gave her a nasty retort and she looked at me as if she could punch me. Not wanting to make a scene, I laughed it off and moved over. About two weeks later, I saw her at another party where she was kissing another girl. I got a bit drunk and some how wound up calling her a nasty name. She told me that I could be her sissy slave if I did not watch my mouth. I laughed at her and walked away. Then, somehow, I woke up in a place I had not been before. When I woke up, I went down a hallway to the kitchen and she was there making breakfast. She told me to sit down and I did. She poured me some coffee and I drank it, still felling weak from the night before. I ask her how I got there and she said I came with her; then, she tossed a package on the table. I looked at her, and then opened the package to find myself in pictures with women's clothes on. In one, I was in pink panties and bra set and another, a sexy nightie. There were a lot more. I started to tear them up and she said she had plenty copies, so go ahead and tear them up. I asked her what she wanted from me and she told me that from now on I would be her little sissy anytime she wanted me to be. I told her to forget it and got up to leave. She said, "Okay, see you at some of the parties that we both seem to attend." I walked toward the door and thought, "What if she sends those pictures or puts them online?" I went back and asked what she intended to do with them and she said it was up to me not her. That afternoon, I was wearing full women's clothes and doing her housework; dusting, washing out her panties by hand, and hanging them on an outside clothes line in her backyard. I polished her toe nails and licked her feet, all the while wondering how I was going to get out of this mess. She told me that if I wanted to be her sissy slave forever, I could. I told her that there was no way I was going to do this for her any longer than I had to. She invited me to follow her to her basement, which was set up like a boxing ring. She tossed me some boxing gloves and told me that if I beat her, I could go free and the pictures would be burned. I put the gloves on and the fight lasted about two rounds before she knocked me out colder than a winter freeze. I woke to her sitting on my chest. Everyday, I was told that if I wanted to fight her for my freedom again, just tell her. We are living together and she is Mistress Mary. I am Suzie the slave girl. I still play ball, but I am first sting now as she has been training me to hit hard and fight to win. I have boxed with her two more times and still lost.

— Rob, 28

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