A Merry Christmas

Working on Christmas Eve always sucks, especially in retail even if you do get out early. I was closing with my female boss, Nora, and another associate Rachel. Rachel and I were able to clean up the store in record time and were just waiting on Nora to do the paperwork so that we could go home. I was flirting with Rachel; she usually turns me down flat, but tonight she flirted back and laughed at my stupid jokes. So I asked what she was doing for Christmas; she informed me that due to some problems with her boyfriend, she was doing nothing and was stuck here for Christmas. I tried to make light of the situation and tried to get her to smile about something stupid, but nothing seemed to work. So, just to see if she would at least smile, I told her I would show her my girl parts if she showed me hers. She giggled and said sure and giggled again. So we went into the changing area and I told her she needed to turn around. She did and I dropped my pants, made things look as much like a girl as I could, and then told her she could turn around. She turned around, already slightly embarrassed; suppressing a laugh so that Nora wouldn't hear us. She stepped towards me and asked if she could touch my "girl parts." I said, "That changes the deal." She smiled and said she knew and we could work something out after she showed me hers. I then I felt her finger tips touch me. She kissed me on the lips, my excitement was obvious. We started having sex, and then I heard someone clear their throat. Standing in the door to the changing room was Nora. I quickly stood up; Nora grabbed my most prominent feature and started dragging me through the store towards her office. We entered her office, almost closing the door on me as we entered, then she sat down in her chair and turned to me saying, "What are we going to do with you?" I noticed she was addressing my member, not really me. Then, she began to give me oral. Rachel walked in cautiously still only in her shirt. Nora stood up, pushed me into her chair, and began to have sex with me. Let's just say I had a Merry Christmas after all.

— Sam, 24

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