Not Gay, But Can't Stop

It started in 2001; I never had interest in guys until then. My wife and I had been having trouble for a long time and I started talking to females online. When I couldn't find a female, this guy and I would talk. One day, I was talking to a guy and found out he lived five minutes from me. He invited me over and I thought that was interesting, so I went. We talked for a few and, when I got up to leave, he walked up to me and touched my privates. I got excited instantly; I wanted to stop him, but couldn't. He told me to sit on the couch and he came over and gave the best oral sex I had ever had. Since then, I have given and received and enjoy it. The only part of a guy's body I like is the package. I have tried to stop, but can't.

— Rob, 35

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