Friend's Mom's Pantyhose

When I was in college, I stayed at my friend's house one weekend. His parents were away. Other people were staying over also, and the only place for me to sleep was his parent's bed. No problem. I have had a fetish for women's lingerie forever. As soon as I thought everyone was asleep, I found his mom's pantyhose drawer. Just like my mom, she had plenty of different colors and styles. I took a pair of shiny control top hose, coffee color, put them on and got back into bed. In seconds, I was very excited and starting thinking about having sex with my friend's hot mom. I made a bit of a mess in the hose, so I put them back where I found them and took a pair of black ones for myself for when I got home. To this day, I wonder if my friend's mom found the pantyhose and thought he or her husband had messed them up!

— Jason, 40

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