Wife's Past

I met my wife in college. We connected immediately, fell in love, and married after dating six months. I had dated the same girl while in high school and was never serious about anyone else until I met my wife to be. The two of use fit perfect; it was a wonderful life made in heaven. We shared so many great times together. I couldn't love anyone any more. We went back to her five year high school reunion and I was excited for everyone to see that I was the lucky guy that ended up with this beautiful girl. After being there a very short time, it was apparent that my wonderful wife wasn't the girl I thought I had married. As time went by, I realized that my wife was the school's good time girl. The guys would come up to her, give her a big hug, and sneak a squeeze in here or there; others came up and just kissed her right on the lips. I could overhear some of the conversations around the room concerning her, kidding each other about who did this or that with her. It made me feel very uncomfortable all during the evening. On the four hour drive back home the next day, I confronted her concerning this. She wouldn't talk about it and said, "What has happened, has happened. You can't change the past." I thought I was getting the perfect loving wife, have a family, and grow old together. I didn't know she was the school whore and everyone in her hometown knew this and/or had been with her. I am not sure if I can handle it. We aren't talking much right now; she won't and I can't. There is a very small part of me that is excited that my wife was a whore; but there is a part of me that wants her to be the pure untarnished girl, wife, and mother that I thought I had married. I suppose if I continue to live with her, I will have to accept her past and realize that my wife and the mother of my future children was once a whore.

— David, 25

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