Mother-In-Law Attraction

I don't have any story and I didn't have sex with my wife's mother. It's just thoughts that I would like to share here. I am thirty-five and I love my wife and two kids, both sons. My mother-in-law is fifty-two years old at present; quite tall with a very firm and curved figure. She has big breasts too. My wife has much smaller breasts and that is the main reason for me to be attracted towards my mother-in-law. I wish one day she would give me a chance to have sex with her. The culture I belong to is not one in which your mother-in-law kisses or hugs you, so it's very difficult for me to make a move. But, I think she prefers me over her other son-in-law. Not for sex, but for other, normal stuff. She asked my wife number of times to ask me to stay at her home on weekends, which I rarely do. In the last two or three weeks, I decided that enough is enough and now I should make a move. I have started rubbing against her with the back of my hand when taking my younger son (who is one year old) from her. I haven't gotten a reply from her yet. I need a clue from her, some indication, and some encouragement so that I can go ahead and satisfy my lust.

— Jamal, 35

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