Underskirts And Knickers

When I was younger, I was staying at my aunty's. My cousin was there as well and she was a bit older than I was. One day, I went into her bedroom looking through her drawers. I found her underwear drawer full of neatly folded underskirts and panties. I wanted to try them on, but knew I couldn't fit into the underskirt like my cousin had. I heard a noise downstairs, so I shut my cousin's drawers and ran out into the great room. My aunty came and said, "Are you sitting in the cold?" I started to cry, so my auntie put her arm around my shoulders and said, "What's wrong?" When I told her that I wanted to try on my cousin's underwear, she smiled and told me those clothes wouldn't fit me, but she had some that would. She gave me a pair of white cotton knickers and a full white underskirt. I wore them for the rest of my time at my aunty's.

— Leonard, 32

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