Caught Whilst Dressed

I have been a closet cross-dresser since the age of ten and take every opportunity to paint my nails and put my makeup on. With my wife away working overseas, I decided to spend the whole weekend in my feminine attire. On Saturday morning, I showered, shaved and prepared for the day ahead. I applied two coats of gold nail polish to my toes and a dark green to my hands. I then started my makeup, which took me in total about forty-five minutes. I applied concealer, foundation, blush and powder. I then blended four shades of green eye shadow, added black eyeliner, and applied my false black lashes. To finish the look, I lined my lips before adding pink lipstick and lip gloss. I then put on my cotton panties, bra, green summer dress and long ash blond wig with five inch open toe sandals to complete the look. I spent the day relaxing in between doing the washing, ironing and cleaning. It was about 7pm and I was walking past the front door when the doorbell rang. Without evening thinking, I opened the door to see a couple of university lads standing their open mouthed. Thomas, the tallest lad, said they were looking for some summer work and wondered if anything needed doing in the garden. I was in shock not knowing what to do. Without thinking, I asked them in and offered them a beer. The smaller lad, Grant, asked me if I cross-dress often, which then started a strange but very open conversation. Needless to say we reached an agreement whereby when I was alone they would cut my grass in return for me serving their manly needs. There was really no option but to continue this arrangement until September when they returned to University. After the shock, things settled down with both lads keen to cut the grass very short.

— Wesley, 50

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