Fetish Confession

I am confessing that I really enjoy the incredible sexual turn-on I get when dressing up and wearing ladies sexy panties, bras, stockings, garters, lingerie, etc. I have been enjoying my panty and dress fetish for almost seven years now and just recently, in the past month or so, have been sharing it in public with others. Sharing my secret with others and getting responses from a few is getting me even more into my fetish. I dress and enjoy taking pictures and videos of myself whenever I have time to do it. Even as I sit here writing this letter, I am dressed in panties, stockings, and a bra; I am getting extremely turned-on at the moment. I would like to actually start sharing letters, stories, and first time photo exchanges with others. Well, this is my fetish confession and it felt good to share with you!

— Don, 46

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