Becoming Gay

I am a sixty year old single male who has just had my first sexual encounter with another man. Now, all I can think of is wanting to do it again. I have so many fantasies of what I'd like to learn and experience, but I'm afraid I'm too old and time is running out for me. I enjoyed sharing oral with another male. It all seemed to be so natural of a thing for me to do that it made me wonder if I've been gay all my life. I've always loved being a nudist; I wear women's panties, and have watched nothing but gay porn for some time. The images I see in them are much more erotic for me than between a man and a woman. I don't want anyone I know or to find any of this out, but yet I find it enjoyable to chat with others about it over the internet. I've sent naked photos of myself to others in hopes of having sex with other guys. I get turned on by secretly referring to myself as gay. I fantasize about group sex with many men at once, and I desire to be one man's partner and let him do anything and everything he wants to do to me.

— Stan, 60

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