Getting Sister-In-Law Pregnant

My wife's sister Susie and her husband have not been able to get pregnant. He only has one testicle and by his own admission is "shooting blanks." Recently, they both took me aside and reviewed this problem. He said it would be okay with him if I tried to get Susie pregnant. They both agreed that if it happened, no one would find out, especially my wife. I agreed and so far have had sex with Susie in their house with her husband watching in their bedroom several times. Before we started this effort, I confessed that I lusted after Susie for years and they both said they knew. I'm able to go over there because when they call, Susie tells my wife that her husband needs help with something and would she mind if I went there for an hour. They only live a mile away. I thought it would be uncomfortable to have my brother-in-law watching, but he sits or stands nearby and is as friendly as can be. I don't know if she will get pregnant, but I wish this situation will last a long time.

— Warren, 58

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