Tables Turned

My wife had caught me in her panties and bra and servicing our male neighbor. Since then, I have been her cuckold husband. My wife runs a gym, teaches self-defense classes for women, and works out daily. She easily kicked my butt when she caught me with the neighbor. My wife has always been a braggart and now really loves telling people about how she kicked my butt and what a sissy I was. She told all her girlfriends how she found me in her panties. So, I thought it was time to teach her a lesson. I got this known tough and big biker chick to start a fight with her and kick her butt when I talked her into going into a biker bar. The biker chick spotted us immediately and went over and purposely spilled a drink on my big mouthed wife. I couldn't wait to see this chick take my bragging wife apart! Well, as soon as the drink hit my wife in the face, the chick threw a wild punch and to my shock, my wife just stepped aside and pounded this chick senseless. All the other bikers loved it and clapped. They yelled for my wife to strip her naked, and as my wife went to pull off her jeans, the woman said, "Please wait, it was his idea to hit you." My wife turned and looked at me and simply said, "Okay, take off your clothes." Again, the bikers loved it. I had no choice, so there I was, standing there to laughter from both the male and female bikers over my tiny little package. My wife was far from through, however. She turned to the guy bikers and said, "Anyone here want real good oral?" Just about every one raised their hands. My wife said, "Not from me, but from my husband?" I was shocked at how many of the guys readily agreed. When I was done, my wife said loud and clear, "The next time you get ideas of having my butt kicked, be sure you pick someone who can." I immediately said, "Yes ma'am." The biker bar is now her regular hangout and she is the new tough girl queen. I will never try to get even again.

— Kevin, 40

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