One day while at the mall parking lot, I saw a woman who appeared to be in trouble. I asked her if I could be of some help. She told me that she had an accident in that she had unexpectedly wet her panties. She asked if I could drive her home where she could change. When we arrived, she asked if I would like a cup of coffee. I said sure and we went in. She made some coffee and then went to her bedroom, leaving the door open. She removed her clothes and went into the shower. I went into the bedroom and waited. She returned, naked, shocked, and surprised. I told her that I thought she was a very sexy woman and that I would like to have sex. She agreed. We finished and were just lying there when her husband came in. He was very upset and ordered me out. He followed me to my car and asked how I liked sex with his wife. I said great, so he gave me her phone number and suggested that I call her. I will, to be sure.

— Tim, 36

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