Mother-In-Law Saw

I was visiting at the in-laws; upstairs getting ready later in the morning, after most folks had done so. I had just taken a shower, went back to the room we were staying in (my wife's old room), and started getting dressed. I didn't think anyone was upstairs, so I didn't close the door all the way. I was kind of excited too as I hadn't had sex for a few days. To my surprise, my mother-in-law came out of her room at that time; she must have come back up for something and looked right at me as she walked by. It was only a split second and I kind of freaked at first and jumped out of the way. I am certain she saw as our eyes met for a brief second. I swear she stopped for a brief second as well. All that happened in about two seconds; but after she went by, I was excited as I had been in a really long time. Thinking about that split second, I have always wondered what she thought.

— Scott, 40

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