Pleasing Her

My wife of twelve years has eyes for a new man at her job. She denies it, but I can tell she gets all mushy around him. He is one of the boss's and I see her at work often; when he comes around, she gets school girlish. I told her about it and she says I am crazy, but I can tell she is wondering. Thinking about it, I would like to see her have sex with him. I am afraid to tell her to do it because of how I could ruin our relationship. I fantasized last night about my wife with him. I moved in to watch and she offers to let me help. I've never done that with a guy, but sharing with my wife seems like it would be hot. If it would get her a raise, I would do it for sure! I just can't tell her; I don't know how.

— Marcus, 36

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