Dress Shopping

As my wife and I were shopping for a dress for her office party, I noticed a hot dress behind the others. She said I had a good eye, for she had missed it. The tag was marked down on closeout. It was a hot little black dress that was just my wife's size. It just happens to be my size as well. She took it and me into the dressing room and had me try it on first, saying, "You found it, you try it on first." It made me so excited, trying it on in the store. It fit perfectly. She grabbed it and headed toward the underwear section. She grabbed a matching black panty and bra set, along with some suspender hose, and then went on to the shoes. This was the hard part because she is about three sizes smaller than me. She got her size and then made me go back and get my size in the same style. I think the sales girl knew what was going on. When we got home, she made me shave all over and put the outfit on for her. With a little makeup and a wig, I could have substituted for her at the party.

— Eli, 28

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