Caught Outside Dressed

I've been wearing dresses, panties, bras, and hosiery for most of my life. My wife asked one day before she left for work if I would water the plants outside. I was already in my red crinkle rayon dress, so I got the watering can and went out to do the plants. I had just finished and was walking back to the back door when my neighbor came around the corner and saw me standing there holding the watering can. There was no place to go since she was blocking the back door. She looked me up and down and got a big grin on her face. I didn't try to hide; I asked her what she needed. She wanted me to come over to help her move some things. So, I invited her in while I changed and then went over to help. I was so worried what was going to happen once she told my wife that she seen me in a red dress, as well as what her husband was going to say to me once he found out (I did get to tell my wife before she said something to her). When she mentioned to my wife about catching me in a dress, my wife acted like it was no big deal and when on with other topics of discussion. The husband came over a few days later and smiled the first time he saw me, but never said a word. This happened last year and we're all still good friends.

— Jack, 53

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