Lingerie Party

I went to the local department shop and I was in the changing room admiring myself in the mirror (I had white stockings, a silk thong, and a suspender belt on) when a woman walked in on me. She apologized and left. I got dressed and left as well. Outside the changing room, the same woman was waiting for me. She said she liked what she saw and that her friend would like to see me in my underwear. She asked me if I would come over to their flat and parade around in my knickers. If I did, they would do a lesbian show for me. So there I was, walking around in my get-up while these two beauties played with each other. One of them asked me to wear her basque while she put my thong on. We went to the bedroom to change and when she opened her wardrobe, my eyes lit up. She had sexy undies, uniforms, and toys. The other one joined us and they dressed me up as a woman. They both took turns with me. Next time I go there, I am bringing a male friend. I can't wait.

— Jasper, 41

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