Ribbons and Bows

My confession is wearing fabulous vintage chiffon nylon nighties and peignoirs with lots of long nylon ribbons and bows. My Wife and two daughters love seeing me in the very sexy nighties and negligee's too. Whilst writing this, I have a real special nightie on with lots and lots of wide nylon long ribbons with sexy bows. The nightie has three long ribbons either side of a bow, and long ribbons in the front. The peignoir has two long nylon ribbons on each of the shoulders; that is, bows with nice long ribbons plus two bows either side with long nylon ribbons to pull it together. Both of my daughters love watching me play with all those ribbons. I too, just love it when they play with the ribbons, along with my wife. So with twenty-eight long nylon ribbons floating along as I walk, and my two daughters that love playing with my long ribbons went I sit down, and with the four of us all playing around with the ribbons, it's quite a buzz. The girls said they are going to sew on heaps more nylon ribbons I said that would be fantastic; the more long ribbons the better. So, I said to my daughters, "I think I'll call this nightie the "ribbon nightie."" They said, "Dad, that will be fantastic!" My wife just loves that idea too. Actually we all love getting into vintage nylon nighties and peignoirs, but this particular nightie has the most ribbons and bows. The ribbons, especially nylon ribbons, feel fantastic. I, with my wife and daughters, love getting together on the couch and play with these nylon ribbons when watching TV.

— Steve, 41

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